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Accomplishment And Integrity

Every human being has a desire for accomplishment which is a totally legitimate desire.
Most often when talking about accomplishment people think of being accomplished on a professional, social or financial level.
Moreover, when talking about the means to get there we think of school and academics, making the right choices, finding your group of people …

Take a few seconds and ask yourself: What would make you feel accomplished today and how would you get there?

If accomplishment is as above, how can we explain the fact that some people who appear to have one or all of the above and more

somehow, eventually, still engage in destructive pathways, self-sabotage and lose themselves into depression and despair?

In that respect, can we associate accomplishment with happiness?
If not, is accomplishment separate from happiness?


What if accomplishment is from a much deeper place?
From a place of the unknown, beyond time and space.
The discovery of such a place could be an accomplishment.
You are allowing your accomplishment when you honour your true nature.

How ?


Everything is energy … Albert Einstein E=MC2. 

If energy is everything, change is inevitable. All things experienced go through a transformation. 

What is movement is energy. 

Through movement, you clear, cleanse, grow and discover.


The abstract study of the concrete…  

Going into the unknown of our physical body, connecting the body and the mind is a way to relate to metaphysics.

The significance of this study and the applications thereof are covered more in-depth in my blog. 

What could be possible if you were to reach into the deeps of your core and experience all wisdom before time?


Symbols get under our skin, on our brain and in our heart to create empathy towards our unconscious mind (some refer to it as the greater mind or mind of God) a place that is beyond our knowledge and understanding … a place that words can not explain. 

It allows us to tap into the imagination part of our brain and release blockages affecting behaviours. 

Symbols have a similar effect to walking in nature and connect you to your essence.

Yoga Changes Your Life

Yoga … A discipline that aligns your physical body with your spiritual body through your emotional body. Through the opening of your heart you will align your physical world with your spiritual world. Reaching this alignment allows you to reconnect to your essence and access your birthright:

Perfect Health

Through The Journey of Yoga

1- You Will Discover Your Uniqueness…

Meeting your light and shadows; you will retrieve your deepest secrets… You will learn forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love to find peace and  joy.

Through physical movement you will slowly peel layers after layers, acknowledge and learn to communicate with your physical body … your vessel for your soul. You will connect your body with your mind and you mind with your body acknowledging that one can not exist without the other….

Your body will become your temple where you will be able to find peace and refuge when chaos and disruption arrive. You will be able to feel with no reactions … you will respond instead of react

2- You will acquire physical and mental flexibility

Yoga is movement… movement is oil for our joints … the more we move, the more mobility we have… if we stop we freeze.

While practicing yoga we are stripping layers of life experiences and challenges that  have created tensions and tightness through our entire body . We are creating  space within our physical , emotional and mental bodies creating  more flexibility in our body and in our mind.

3- Strength and resilience

In a  yoga practice we work with our entire body from our head all the way down to our toes… Whether the movement is strong and powerful or gentle and soft, the movement is created by the activation of the muscle required for that movement . There is no momentum … from a stretching posture to a strong and powerful posture we are using strength, endurance and resilience.

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low impact fitness cardio class combined with metaphysic andsymbolism (1/2 hour workout followed by a restorative and gentle stretch 1/2hour) perfect to gain stamina , boost blood circulation and burn those extracalories.


low impact strength fitness class combined with metaphysicsand symbolism(1/2 hour workout followed by a restorative and gentlestretch (1/2 hour… perfect to gain strength weight loss (gentle heat through)

Yin Yang Flow

a yoga practice combining traditional yoga poses and longlasting stretching pose with metaphysics and symbolism(perfect to oil yourjoints and improve mobility and flexibility) gentle heat through

General Yoga

Traditional mixed style yoga class combined with metaphysics and symbolism


Pilates is a 60 minutes session of low impact exercises designed to improve posture and mobility by strengthening muscles.

Traditional Yoga

  • General Yoga: slow paced mixed style yoga focusing on alignment and breath
  • Yoga flow: a mixed style yoga focusing on fluidity of movement and coordination of movement with breath
  • Power Yoga: focusing on stamina, strength and breathe
  • Healing yin: Restorative practice focusing on parasympathetic nervous system to restore and heal the body physically emotionally and mentally
  • Warm pilates: Pilates is a 60 minutes session of low impact exercises designed to improve posture and mobility by strengthening muscles practiced in a heated room of 30-32 degrees to build resilience, cleanse and tone your entire being.
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