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Severinesancuary.com addresses learning to move mindfully, learning to be present, the benefits of switching from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system, learning to respond; not to react, learning to detach from emotions, learning to communicate with your physical body, learning to connect your body with your mind, learn to feel the unseen, reconnecting with your deepest self (similar to when you were a baby), releasing your deepest blockages (especially those impacting wellbeing), discovering the unknown of your essence, identifying and speaking your inner truth, discovering your life purpose and share your light with the world (Now say all of that again really fast, 10-times)

Our Vip's

You will benefit the most from this program if you are willing to take yourself on and know you are ready for change. You know this program can benefit you if you understand there are no magic wands, pills or potions to ‘fix’ your life. This experience is especially for you if you are responsible for what is and is not in your life. 

You are also intimately aware and present to the significance of always taking action now since this is the only moment you have power

Who is Severine ?


I grew up in a little village called Sevrier, France surrounded by my immediate and extended family. One side of my family was focused on energy healing, whilst the other was focused on their religious community and relationships. Both sides gave me a deep experience of spiritual Love.

My parents encouraged me to follow my own heart and my childhood was happy. I often stared in the mirror wondering about the thing inside me that was so huge, compelling me to see more than with my eyes. At 22, I moved to Fort Lauderdale by myself and obtained a scholarship that allowed me to go to community college.

Afterwards, I enrolled at the International University of Miami. I met my Australian husband in 2006 at an Irish pub in Fort Lauderdale. When I graduated in 2007 with an International Relations degree, I returned to Europe to continue my studies.

The Fall

Whilst in France, I was not successful at furthering my study or securing suitable employment. My dream-job finally called to make an offer. Two weeks before the scheduled meeting with the team in Paris, I found out I was pregnant. While it was a blow, I continued to reframe it as an opportunity and continued looking for roles locally.

My partner worked on boats and was not always available. On a visit to the physician, my partner and I went for a scan and learned our baby had passed inside me. My world collapsed. I was in a place of complete darkness with no hope of light. I was waking up crying, angry with the world and almost lost everything including my life.


Having reached the bottom I knew something needed to transform. For most of my life, I observed people in the alternative medicine world who seemed to have unconventional answers that could give me an idea of the next step to take. At a bookstore, I found a book called The Healing of the Aura. Energy work was familiar to me yet, this seemed to be from the realm of locus-pocus. Listening to my intuition, I purchased the book and isolated myself for weeks to immerse myself in everything it was sharing.

Using colours, mantras, walking in nature, and practising yoga every day something shifted after two weeks. For the first time in so long, I woke up feeling excited about the possibility of life. In the deepest of sorrow, I learned it is possible to shine brightly and thrive even when there doesn’t appear to evidence that such is possible.
The truth of what I was and am as allowed to create and so my journey of offering this magic to the world began.


As a wellness practitioner, I blend reiki, yoga and massage.

I became an expert in walking and feeling great in my own shoes and that is what this program is for you. We do not teach you the way. We merely point you in the direction of the path that most resonates for your own well-being and allowing you to thrive. Energy is always moving. You can not learn to swim without getting wet and you can not experience your truth if you never investigate and go on the journey.
Let us begin our journey together.


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