Inspiration From Our Little Meeting And Recent Event

My name is Severine Hughes. I am 40yrs of age, have 2 beautiful daughters and blessed to be in a loving marriage with my amazing partner, Craig Hughes.


I do not consider myself a feminist and yet feel compelled to write this little article today. From a recent mediatic event that creates an avalanche of opinions, more divisions and conflicts I would like to share…

First , I would like to address all those women , me included , who had one day been confronted to abuse… whether it is psychological and mental, sexual or physical. It is ok to feel and share … as you may think you are alone , rest assure you are not !!! we are thousands…thousands of powerful women that carry their stories while walking their paths. You are meeting  them every day .. Some are your friends, some are your family , some are just the random women crossing your path on the street.

Second, I want to talk to those men , who find themselves in the situation that might tear them apart from the inside but somehow feel powerless and so miserable that they can not resist the abuse.

Yes that is right , I address both groups …. Why ?  Because the issue is much deeper than just a behaviour… It is much more than just one man and one woman … It is a problem that is at the core of our society and slowly will consume us all …A society that polorise everything forgetting 1 essential  thing that we are all made of the same essence !!!

When did we lose connection ? Connection to our essence that allows us to feel and transform any emotions  into Love…Allows us to feel connected to one another and respect each other 

When did we start thinking it was ok to hate someone because of his or her skin colour…because of his or her religion? 

When did we start thinking  it was ok to think men were above women? 

When did we start thinking that it is ok to release our emotions on someone else? 

 When did we start thinking it’s  shameful to share our truth, our feelings, our pain ?

Where did we start thinking that our lives were not worth living ? 

I can go on and on and on …..

I am talking about that little girl that is too afraid to speak up because she is always quiet down at home … I am talking about that little boy that saw his dad unleashing his power on his mum… I am talking about those teenageers that could not enter clubs because of their skin colours…I am talking about that 14 years old, who took his life thinking it was not worth living !!!!!


Are words really gonna do it ??? are words enough ?? Will apologies work ?


What about reconnecting , learning  to connect to our deepest self and truth …. 

On one side, Stepping out of duality. Stop judgments, so we can let go of  guilt in order to  bring awareness to our darkness. Only with this awareness one can take responsibility for his or her actions and understand that those  actions have consequences…Only from there one person can transform and grow

On the opposite side,  teaching detachment between behaviour and nature so we can learn to forgive…and I mean FORGIVE

It is only with accountability and forgiveness that reconciliation can exists

Let ‘s teach our kids!!!  They are our future for change … parents , teachers, carers… tell that little girl that it is ok to share and talk about their feelings … teach that little boy how to understand and manage those emotions…Honour diversity and difference, show that 14 years old that life is worth living!!! Show them what they are made of …. Love ..Love …Love

Let's not create more division but instead Let’s reconnect to our divinity so we can become One Again

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