Sensations for Change

In our recent society… Comfort has become such a way of living

in fact humanity is constantly finding ways to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

We are creating a pattern where humanity fears sensations and often identifies sensations as pain which our brain automatically runs away from. A society where quick fixes and pills are wanted to avoid any sensations.

However, are any sensations associated with pain? and should they be avoided?
Are those sensations real pain, or a thought of pain?
Or even just unfamiliarity? Could it not be us avoiding getting out of our comfort zone, Fearing the unknown?
Where is growth within the comfort zone. where can One grow within a comfort zone where everything is already known ?
What physical , emotional and mental possibilities are there to be created?
Human Beings have senses to feel so we can respond. My question is, Did humanity lose its resilience to sensations ?
Did humanity evolve by staying in its comfort zone?


We know that our brain is hardwired by the age of 35. Our experiences  of any physical , emotional and or mental pain and suffering are recorded and our brain and ego  is trained to protect us from those experiences by inducing fear, which will guide us to the same pattern of behaviour, thoughts and emotions ( self doubt, distrust, procrastination) to avoid possibilities of physical, emotional and or mental suffering.

So are  we doomed to reproduce the same behaviours over and over or/ and slowly lose our range of movement only to the fear of feeling the past again? 

What if we start acknowledging that the person we were yesterday is not the person we are today nor the person we will be tomorrow. Yes! It is hard for us to grasp the idea that the person we were 5 minutes ago is not the person we are now. However, if everything is energy, everything moves. if everything moves, nothing lasts forever and everything changes (see previous blog on change). 

In that perspective we can safely and rationally say that  the past events, movements and situations will not affect us the same way… With this affirmation and acknowledgement we can maybe get in that place of discomfort and trust that we will be ok. We will then experience those movements, events and or situations (which can only be different than the old ones) in a much different way.


Through my yoga and massage training , we talked about 2 ranges of movements.

1- The non assisted range (a place of routine i would say mentally and emotionally and our day to day mobility physically.) “THE SAFE RANGE”

2- The assisted range.  the range where in order to get there we need a little push another party is involve and is assisting us to get to that space .


At the end of that assisted range, we have what we called the therapeutic edge, place of improvement and healing. This little therapeutic edge is very slim the start of that range is where sensations begin. i like to call this sensations edge the gate for change behind that gate is CHANGE

Now be aware that this therapeutic range is very slim and sometimes the hardest part is not to reach it but not to pass it . Indeed,beyond your therapeutic range is a place of ego where you are trying too hard and where injuries might develop. 

This range of movement is used on a physical level but can certainly be applied on the emotional and mental level as well.

When you go through your day, think of those 2 ranges of movement, what is routine and non assisted  and what is a bit more pushed through and assisted, out of routine. When you are in that non assisted range, look for those physical, emotional and or mental sensations. Stay with those sensations and explore all of them be curious acknowledge and embrace them all. you are creating space and expanding your identity so you can create more opportunities and possibilities for yourself.

Enjoy the ride.



From my heart to yours


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