Tri-Mov’ A Whole New Way Of Moving

Do you struggle with the results of your constant and persistent efforts?

Do you struggle with the results of your constant and persistent efforts?  and that despite all your efforts you are going nowhere physically, emotionally or and mentally ?

Have you ever wondered why you are going to do your fitness, yoga, pilates,..feel awesome for a couple hours and then fall back into that space of frustration and chaos.

What if there were unaware blockages that were preventing you from reaching your goals physically, emotionally or and mentally?

We all know that our subconscious mind is running our lives… In fact, 98 percent of the time we are in reactive mode according to our past experiences and beliefs. Those past experiences can be reached through self reflection , coaching  and many other mindfulness practices. However , what about the unconscious mind  and that part that is for us unreachable… beyond our understanding  or simply beyond our capacity of coping ? What could we actually do to access that part that is affecting our lives and yet beyond our language and reach?

Well don't look any further …

TRI-MOV’ ,is a new discipline that will allow you to access those unknown blockages or and knowledge that are currently preventing you from reaching your goals.

Indeed, through the combination of any of your favorite activities whether it is fitness yoga pilates massage energy work coaching, counselling …  TRI-MOV’ by combining movement , metaphysics and symbolism will allow you to create empathy towards your unconscious mind in your conscious mind… This empathy will be felt within your physical body through physical sensations, emotions, feelings, pictures, memories. With metaphysics and mindfulness you will then  have the tools to process those and allow them to be released with your breath.

How ?

Tri-mov’ has created higher consciousness pathways symbols whose energy frequencies will  allow access to your world of the unknown by tapping into your imagination and connecting you to your essence beyond time and space.

By visualizing and or focusing while you are moving ( whether you are  working  out ,  doing yoga ,  doing pilates ,  being coached or being  massaged …) those symbols will settle on your brain, on your heart and under your skin allowing you to access whatever needs to be accessed. By simple awareness you will free yourself from all those limitations.

With TRI-MOV’ you will not only get your workout or massage or energy  but you will well equipped yourself with the tools to move forward on your path within your full  birthright … BODY MIND SPIRIT HEALTH

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