Well-being, according to World health Organisation (WHO),
is “a resource for healthy living and a positive state of health that is more than the absence of illnesses and enables us to function well psychologically, emotionally and socially. It enables people to develop their potential, work productively and creatively and to form positive relationships with others and meaningfully contribute to the community.”

Then when you look at dictionary definitions, you will find the words Health, protection, happiness, success, fortune, prosperity, safety…etc. Moreover, some talk about domains of well-being …physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social…etc.

The meaning of well-being can mean very different things at different times and to many different people and is therefore very subjective and personal.

Take a moment , connect to your breath and write down what your well-being would look like right now. Use your active senses to taste, see, smell, feel and hear your well-being.

Severine Sanctuary’s coaching methods believe that to be accurate you need to go further…  explore the  basic human needs… (see  Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs https://pmhealthnp.com/pmhnp-topics/maslows-hierarchy-of-needs/ )

And align that theory with each individual … See what resonates with clients what is not … and go from those basic needs and work from there to achieve well-being.

Take a moment… have 10 long breaths with a double exhale… take a pen and a piece of paper and write down what  would you need right now to reach your well being? 

Severine Sanctuary believes that well-being can be reached through movement , mindfulness, metaphysics and symbolism by aligning your body , your mind and your spirit and honouring your being as a whole.

Find Severine’Sanctuary UTube channel , get on the free wellness coaching program « one step closer » and or contact Severine for any advises, one on one coaching program and or coaching workshop to empower yourself with your well-being , she will guide and hold you through the all process with passion , dedication and love.

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