Who you are matter

We all have weaknesses and strengths…We all have experiences and a story

… In fact, by 35 years old, our brain is hardwired and most of our thoughts and behaviours are repeating themselves over and over…We know that One can not expand beyond his or her identity; thus, to be able to grow and expand we need to create space, change some old patterns of thoughts and behaviours that  no longer serve us AND create new one that will allow us to expand our identity and find our life purpose. We are all aware of behaviours that do not serve us anymore and that we want to change …however
It is easier said than done!! 

The technique is very simple in its theory … We need to create new patterns of thoughts and behaviours and repeat them over and over so they are becoming habits. Sounds easy, right? We will do that once , twice and then our subconscious mind will create that sensation of discomfort (which in fact is not discomfort but a simple unfamiliar sensation) and you will quit that new habit and fall back to that comfortable space of the known and  the familiar …
What is the solution then ? How can we get out of that cycle of the snake eating its tail ?

ONE question … Do you know yourself ?

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses ? Are you aware of your nature? Too often we are suppressing our true nature and  focusing on our weaknesses trying to change them  …. What if today you decide to embrace your nature and focus on your strengths to change all of those patterns of thoughts and behaviours that do not serve you anymore?

An amazing lady Gretchen Rubin talks about “human tendencies”.
The Four Tendencies Quiz – The Four Tendencies Quiz (gretchenrubin.com)

Gretchen believes knowing yourself and your tendencies is essential for change. Indeed, either you work with your nature and tendencies or they will work against you. She goes even further and talks about “our special distinctions” … are you a morning person or a night person ? Are you an opener or a finisher? She goes on and on.

It is undeniable that often, when we want to change, we are trying to become a  different person which makes the sustainability of that change very slim…
So next time you decide you want to change something that is no longer serving you … give yourself a favour …

1 – first connect with yourself
2 – learn who you are and embrace your nature
3 – list your strengths and decide which ones will help you in that enterprise

AND MOSTLY ……….. ENJOY THE JOURNEY… after all change is inevitable

From my heart to yours
Severine Hughes


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