Yoga is a beautiful discipline practiced for thousands of years and still to this day one of the most efficient tools to reach wellbeing. Starting with only 12 different postures or “asanas” yoga did, like humanity, evolve and modernise a lot.

One of the names that has been such an influence in bringing this beautiful ancient wisdom teaching to the west is Swami Vishnudevananda (1927-1993). He believed that to be able to be understood by the western societies and bring a yoga centers and teacher training course in the west , yoga needed to be modernise and translated into 5 principles:

  • Proper exercices
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper relaxation
  • Proper exercices
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thinking and meditation

Indeed, the practice of asanas (postures) is only 1 aspect of that beautiful discipline.

Yoga sees the human body as  a whole and understands that the focus needs to be physical, emotional and mental in order to reach good health and wellbeing.

Hence, the definition of yoga : Aligning our physical body with our spiritual body through our emotional and mental bodies… Through movement and mindfulness we can  open  the heart and mind which will allow our body,  mind and spirit to be aligned which is a  key to  reach perfect health … your birthright.

Swami explains those 5 principles using an automobile analogy.

  • Proper exercise is lubrication

  • Proper breathing is the battery

  • Proper relaxation is the radiator

  • Proper diet is the fuel

  • Positive thinking and meditation is the responsible driver

Severine’sanctuary is offering very professional yoga courses from foundation to more advanced covering many styles of yoga and focusing on alignment, breath and consciousness.

The actual practice of asanas is based on a ABC principles

Alignment: Each posture has an energetic purpose in its alignment to allow the prana, chi, qi or universal energy to travel smoothly through your energy channels or meridians.

Breath: The breath will allow you to be present , will help you to cleanse your body physically, emotionally and mentally and the nostril breathing  will allow the pressurization of the oxygen in your blood which will improve the delivery of the oxygen to your body.

Consciousness: Being present in every physical, emotional and mental  sensations and connecting your body with your mind and your mind with your body… this process will allow you to create more space and expand your identity for growth and transformation.

Yoga classes with Severine’Sanctuary is not about touching your toes nor twisting into a pretzel … it is about giving permission to your body and mind to be free… It is about opening your body and mind to the unknown and creating new possibilities and opportunities to fulfill your life purpose and create your own wellbeing.

No Yoga teacher will tell you that yoga is easy …and thinking that is misleading … Yoga is hard and takes patience, dedication and resilience


So do not procrastinate … go to the nearest Severine’ Sanctuary yoga studio,  meet Severine (your  yoga instructor) in person  or find  Severine’ Sanctuary online yoga program , book your first yoga class with Severine Sanctuary to start that beautiful journey of yoga…You will not look back.

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